Thrilling Days

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Back in the 1940s, any Monday, Wednesday or Friday night at 7:30 would find my brother and I anxiously awaiting the magic words that would send our imaginations soaring. A soft click and the cathedral radio light would begin to glow... a low hum... and then... the remarkable voice of Fred Foy would come booming out of the speaker with the most exciting words we boys had ever heard:

Return with us now
to those thrilling days of yesteryear!

Hello and welcome to! My name is Richard, but you can call me Kemo Sabe as I'll be your trusty guide here. Since my childhood I've collected many items that bring back the thrills of the Lone Ranger show as well as many other Old Time Radio shows. This website is here to share this collection so that you too can experience some of the excitement those thrilling days of yesteryear could bring. Check out the galleries to see what I've collected through the years. Have fun!

And please check back regularly. I'll be posting new material all the time. For the present, I'll be focusing the site on The Lone Ranger. Eventually, I'll be looking to post material from other shows as well (like The Shadow, Little Orphan Annie, Captain Midnight & others).

If you'd like to be notified of updates to this site, please email me:

That's me on the left , my brother on the right with our friend in the middle.

Why a cigar box you ask?
Our father smoked Overland cigars which gave us an endless supply of boxes. My brother and I would promptly turn these into treasure chests, hiding them in secret places, always on adventures...





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