Jack Armstrong SAF-Flite WWII Model Airplanes

In 1944 Wheaties and the Jack Armstrong radio program produced a series of paper flying models of WWII fighter air planes (14 in all). Wheaties gave literally millions of the airplanes to servicemen as they recovered from their injuries.

The models flew so well that national championships contests were organized and awards were given for best appearance best control and longest flights. In May I found three original Jack Armstrong planes in my collections. I decided then to complete the collection and was lucky to locate the remaining eleven soon after (thank you E-bay).

With deja vu memories of being eight years old, I recently cut out and glued all the planes together and brought them to life, once again! I set them against sky backdrops for good effect.

Placing a penny in the noses of the planes is what gives them long flights. That said, the pennies have to be minted before 1983. After 1983 the penny alloy is too light to serve as good ballast.

I hope you enjoy looking at and hearing about these Jack Armstrong model airplanes. I really enjoyed making them and remembering collecting and putting them together in 1944.